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Cameron’s Top Five Films of 2019… So Far

What are Cameron's picks so far?

A quick note before we get started: This is based on British release dates so if you’re American you may notice some films you’d consider part of 2018. Ok. That’s it. Let’s go.

5. Apollo 11

Apollo 11 is just wow. Sheer brilliance in documentary filmmaking and I cannot recommend it enough.

In my review I said: “Overall, the film is completely breath-taking, think of an adjective that can describe a landscape or a whale and use that because I’m running out of words to sum up just how incredible this film is. I’ve never been into documentary films all that much, but Apollo 11 has converted me into being a space freak for about a week. I’ve been desperate to see it again but haven’t had the chance and knowing I’m unlikely to be able to check it out in IMAX is a real kicker because that is how this film is meant to be viewed. Sure, IMAX has millions of space documentaries, but this is like all of their old stuff of steroids. It’s a slice of history, a view of a monumental leap for mankind. The film just works on all levels and I cannot recommend it enough.”

You can read my full review here.

4. Unicorn Store

Finally released onto Netflix this year, I am counting Unicorn Store in this list because; 1. that means it counts and, 2. it deserves much more praise than it got. Brie Larson’s directorial debut is full of so much heart and laughs that I cannot understand any of the hate it gets. I can’t wait to see what she does next behind the camera.

In my review I said: “Unicorn Store is a fantastic film about happiness, love and family. A film that was made for people like me, not quite a proper soulless adult anymore, but definitely not a child. A modern age fairy-tale.”

You can read the full review here.

3. Us

Jordan Peele’s follow up to Get Out managed to knock it out of the park. This horror is suitably scary and funny in equal measures and manages to make a subtle political message at the same time. US catapulted to the top of my 2019 list as soon as I saw it and I expect it to stick around in the top 10 by the year end.

Maybe expect a review before the end of the year!

2. Thunder Road

Thunder road was a tremendous movie and still one of my favourites from both festivals I’ve attended this year. It is a near-masterpiece of a movie from script to performances and I cannot recommend it enough. Expect this in at least the top 5 at the end of the year

In my review I said: “It’s incredible to think that Jim Cummings had so much to do with the creation of this considering just how good he was in all the aspects he controlled. A brilliant script, performance and direction make the film a showcase for a man with endless amounts of talent. But, you should not forget the supporting actors around him either. All in all, this is a tremendously emotional and exceptionally funny feature that is verging on utterly excellent.”

You can read the full review here.

1. Eighth Grade

Yes. It was released in the first part of 2018 in the US but, the UK never got it until April of this year so it ends up on my list and at the top no less. Bo Burnham’s directorial debut is an absolute triumph of a film. Heartwarming, funny and cringe-inducing this true to life look of being 13/14 in your most awkward phase of life is brilliant. My favourite of the year that I saw once at the Glasgow Film Festival and another time on general release. Full five stars and best of the year… so far.

And that is it for now. What are your favourites of the year so far? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Was equally wowed by Eighth Grade and Thunder Road; good choices. I’ll be bearing this in mind when I approach Unicorn Store…

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