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Cameron’s Top 10 Films of 2018

Cameron counts down his favourite films of the year.

Hey, it’s Cameron here. Long-time no see. We’ve been blessed again in the last 365 days. 2018 has been great for cinema, with some genuinely interesting movies and ones that I love with all my heart I was dreading the end of the year. I knew it would be too hard to create a yearend list but I persevered and managed to get to this point. A point where I can just about say these are my definitive top 10 movies of the year.

Quick information to preface the list; it is based on British release dates so if you’re American you’ll be puzzled by a couple of the films being mentioned here. I also missed a couple films towards the end of the year (like Suspiria) due to being busy at university or being too ill to get myself to a cinema. Finally, when compiling the list I only counted films from festivals with a release date in 2018, all 2019 releases I saw (like The Front Runner) will be included in that list. On with the list!

Honourable Mentions

Just missing out were films like:

  • Roma
  • The Miseducation of Cameron Post
  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • Widows
  • Spider-man: Into The Spider-Verse

All pained me not to include but are in the top 15 of the year and I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone, still some of the years best.

10. Mission Impossible: Fallout

Mission Impossible: Fallout Poster

Kicking off my list is the summers best action film, Tom Cruise: Stunts. Breathtaking feats that continue the trend of topping each film in terms of sheer scale. A franchise best.

9. Blindspotting

Blindspotting poster

Due to a very small and very quiet release in the UK, I watched Blindspotting on an imported US Blu-ray. A funny and interesting look at the life of a pair of friends in Oakland full of political commentary, brilliant chemistry and a couple tense moments for good measure it was a delightful, tough and powerful all at once.

8. Apostasy

Apostasy Poster

A debut feature film from Daniel Kokotajlo about a family in a Jehovahs Witness congregation and the horrible ordeal as a family is put through when one of the daughters fall pregnant. It questions where we should draw the line with faith when it comes to keeping your family together. Featuring a brilliant performance from Molly Wright, completely engaging and emotionally impactful, it is one of the best truly British films of the year.

7. Leave No Trace

This one was viewed as a part of my December catch up, my yearly rush to watch all the films, with buzz, from the last year. I’m so glad that I did eventually get to this. I couldn’t help but get vibes from 2015’s Room with this one and the two leads are impeccable together. Cinematography full of lush greens are another stand out in this film, capturing the stillness of the forest in the early parts of the film then going to new and interesting places as the story progresses. A must watch for sure.

6. A Star is Born

Tell me something boy/girl, did you catch A Star is Born this year? Well, I sure did and because of that, I was treated to a masterpiece in emotional manipulation (if you weren’t verging on tears at one of the final cuts in the film you don’t have a soul) and musical masterclass. Bradley Cooper’s first shot of directing has gone down a storm and Lady Gaga’s first shot at a true dramatic role is one that deserves the Oscar buzz.

5. Shoplifters

Japan’s entrant into the foreign language Oscar category deserves the win by a mile. Simply a film about family that is completely beautiful until the rug is pulled from under you and you see it for what it it truly is. Stunning stuff.

4. Phantom Thread

A Paul Thomas Anderson film? With a Johnny Greenwood score? Not in your top 10? You’d have to be crazy (or Jordi) to think that this film wasn’t something special.

3. Isle of Dogs

Wes Anderson returned early in the year with another beautiful stop motion adventure. With an all star cast, Anderson’s signature style and the cutest plastic pups in the business this film was easily one with the most heart and beauty this year. Anderson’s near future Japan feels living and breathing despite being made of plasticine and sticks. Brilliant stuff but remember, I’m a massive Wes Anderson fanboy

2. Unsane

Soderbergh returned again this year with his iPhone-shot thriller, Unsane. Starring Claire “Elizabeth 2nd” Foy as a mental patient convinced she is still being followed by her stalker. It is for sure a wild ride with a brilliant performance by Foy and some cool twists all the way through. Edge of your seat stuff that is almost a horrific masterpiece and just missing out on the top spot on this list.

1.You Were Never Really Here

I really can’t believe that I watched this for the first time in February at the Glasgow Film Festival and still nothing managed to beat it as my favourite film of the year. According to my Letterboxd reaction, the film left me shaking from its intensity. It is unpredictable, beautiful, rollercoaster of a film with an excellent score from Johnny Greenwood. Lynne Ramsay and Joaquin Phoenix are a dream team as well, her stunning direction and his acting. A true masterpiece and my favourite film of the year.

Hopefully you’ll be seeing more from the site in 2019 with videos, reviews, festival coverage and more all on their way in the next 365 days. Of course, Oh Hi Films Podcast will return with a new season in the coming weeks. See you then.

3 comments on “Cameron’s Top 10 Films of 2018

  1. Some REALLY good picks. Both of lists share some similarities. Especially glad to see Fallout and Leave No Trace mentioned.


  2. I haven’t seen any of these yet. Nothing unusual for me, as I am always late to recent films. 🙂
    Thanks for following my blog, which is appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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