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The Night House (2021) – Edinburgh International Film Festival Review

New horror film!

The Night House is a new horror film (Fox) Searchlight Pictures directed by David Bruckner, known for this 2017 film The Ritual which I remember enjoying quite a lot at the time. The film made quite a splash at Sundance in 2020 and was picked up for quite a considerable amount of money but was it worth the asking price?

The film stars Rebecca Hall as a recently widowed woman who feels an unsettling presence in her house and uncovers some dark secrets that her husband has been hiding from her. Although there is a great sense of mystery throughout the movie, it managed to make me genuinely curious about where it will go, what will happen and how it’ll conclude. It’s refreshing to see a horror film have the story take centre stage, unlike other modern horrors who leave it in the dust, having the jump scares and bangs take centre stage.

That isn’t to say The Night House doesn’t have its fair share of jump scares, but they are earned. The film has this incredible, tense atmosphere throughout. The film builds and builds and never stops for anything. You’re in a constant state of panic, gripping the arm of your chair as Rebecca Hall uncovers what is real and what is all in her mind.

Ultimately, the film somewhat falters in the wrap-up, after an incredible third act full of tension and reveals. The closing minutes lose you in an unsatisfying and disappointing way, which is a shame considering the film being so good up to that point.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The Night House is in UK cinemas now.

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