Edinburgh International Film Festival 2021: Three Movies You Should Have Seen

You NEED to see these!

The 74th edition of Edinburgh International Film Festival came to a close last week, ending what seems like an endless supply of interesting films to watch and discover for the first time. Since there are so many, I thought I’d list some of my hidden gems in this wee list of things you should see when they come out on general release.

Mad God – Dir: Phill Tippett

This one was quite an interesting film. From a director who has been part of the effects team for films like Star Wars is this horrifying movie which blends live action and traditional animation techniques to create something wholly unique. It’s nightmare fuel like you’ve never seen before and one of the most interesting films to come out of the festival by a longshot. Check out the trailer above and see what I mean for yourself.

Absolute Denial – Dir: Ryan Braund

Here is another animated film that caught me by surprise. A computer programmer tries and succeeds to create a highly advanced artificial intelligence but it takes up all of life, he begins to get inside his own head, questioning his reality, ruining his friendships and becoming more and more reliant on his new creation. The film features some really impressive animation that accompanies this interesting premise. Impressive work.

Europa –  Dir: Haider Rashid

Kamal is an Iraqi migrant who must fight for his life when he is hunted by the border police. The film is a visceral and heartbreaking watch. It’s what feels like an hour and a bit long chase sequence through a forest that will keep you on the edge of your seat in the worst possible way. It’s poignant and necessary – showcasing the plight of the these people and the hardship they go through to try and have a better life.

And that’s it. Three hidden gems from the 2021 Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Will you be watching these films? What did you see that you think should be on the list? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @OHHIFilms!

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